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Reiki Tel Aviv רייקי תל אביב

A sea of calm surrounded by love
ים של רוגע עטוף באהבה
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Meet Kandi Abelson & Mark Margolis

Usui Reiki Masters since 1999

We are so grateful to have been able to teach Reiki and give Reiki treatments  for 20 years. We are happier and healthier today than we were 20 years ago which is counter intuitive since we're both over 65. Using Reiki on ourselves daily is where it starts. Sharing it with others is the bonus . We both love to teach because of the pleasure we get seeing the faces of our students as they discover that the impossible is possible. We hear their wonderful stories of successes. I, Kandi have been a standup comic for 35 years and I thought I had the best job in the world - until I started teaching Reiki. The benefits of Reiki far outlast the benefits of a comedy show.

We started our Reikipath in Los Angeles though I'm from Montreal, Canada and Mark is from London, England. We taught Reiki at Learning Tree College, Santa Monica High School, and several cancer support groups before one of our students said, "You should go to Israel. They need Reiki there".. 

We have been in Tel Aviv at the edge of the Yemenite Quarter for 14 years teaching practical simple traditional Reiki to all from 5 to 85. We keep our prices low so anyone can come learn Reiki or get a Reiki treatment

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Reiki Treatments

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Colorful Branch

Reiki Treatments

relax the body and mind and promote healing without doing any harm. Can be used effectively to treat most problems and combine well with all other treatments 

Stress and Anxiety
Energy blocks
Physical pain
 Unblock Chakras
Focus and concentration

      Introductory Offer.
Your First Reiki Treatment 
is only 120NIS, so book 
today at 052 812-0378

ניסיתם הכל? למה שלא תנסו   גם טיפול רייקי?   הנחה לטיפול רייקי הראשון שלכם  רק 120ש"ח 
טלפון 052 812-0378

Get Reiki Today

Treatments can be arranged easily by calling 052-812-0378 or writing to us.

A Reiki treatment is only 150NIS.

Give yourself and those you love the

Gift of Reiki and let the healing begin.

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Colorful Leaf

We offer psychic healing treatments for all situations that are particuarly hard to reach and treat in conventional manners

Psychic Healing


I meditated last night and asked for an answer.  Why I came to you and what's the purpose of it, and I heard "Kandi is your soul teacher". It is an honor to have you as my soul teacher and the best gift I received throughout my life.  Every class I learned something new. I am grateful for the wonderful gift you have given me.
 "A Soul Teacher is someone who helps our soul grow and evolve during its time on Earth. These are the people who teach us how to love unconditionally and to forgive. These are also the people who encourage us and help us bring out our talents and potential." That's what you have done and more. Blessed and grateful you came into my life.

— Dina, Reiki Master Graduate

“I wanted to say thank you for so much of your support and guidance. I don't have the words to express the power and the beauty of the gift you gave me in the "shape" of Reiki
I believe my life would definitively look and feel very differently if it wasn't because of it.
I still want to feel more 'powerful', allow more light and beautiful gifts and surprises to come my way, allow the Universe to bring me to where I know I could be, but the Universe never quits ... hehe, lucky me!.”

— V. Reiki 2 Graduate


Sunday, August 13 at 18:00
call or write to register  0528120378       קורס רייקי 1 
עברית-יום ב 30.5 19:30
Monday July 18 at 18:00
call or write to register

קורס רייקי 1 לילדים 

1+1 טלפון לפרטים-812-0378 052--


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