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               Treatments and classes available upon request  

               Introductory healing Reiki Treatment only 100NIS

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About Us

Our Reikipath began in Los Angeles. We taught Reiki at Santa Monica High School and Learning Tree University as well as free Reiki classes at Cancer support Centers.  We have trained hundreds of students and 60 Usui Reiki Masters as that is one of our missions.  A Reiki Master in every house.  We teach practical simple classes that can even be set up at the last minute. 


Reiki Treatments


Reiki treatments can take away pain and anxiety,promote healing and can be effective in treating stress and anxiety, incidental or chronic pain, infertility, insomnia, and speeds up all recovery post operation  

We are always available if it's a Reiki treatment you want

Coupon First Reiki Treatment

                  Only 100NIS

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Contact Us

Reiki Tel Aviv

1 Hillel Hazaken St. #3   Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel: 077-300-8120



Kandi Abelson
Mark Margolis

We have been Usui Reiki Masters since 1999.  We love Reiki and we're happy to share our love with anyone who wants and needs it.  And everyone needs Reiki.  Our students range from 5 to 95 and each has their own unique way of using Reiki for health and happiness.


From our home in central Tel aviv we provide a safe, peaceful oasis where you can relax and regenerate.  We offer treatments and tandem treatments.  We teach Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master level classes in thorough but fun classes.  We teach groups or individuals in English Hebrew or French.  And we support our students through monthly Reiki circles at no charge. 


We want to connect you to the Reiki Energy. It's a lifetime gift you give yourself that can continue to improve your life in countless ways.

Reiki Classes

                Reiki One


Everything you need to do Reiki for yourself and your family, friends and pets.  Learn to use Reiki on yourself first and the many benefits you can derive on a physical, mental and spiritual level. "You don't have to know what's wrong; you just have to want to fix it"

Includes 2 classes and certificate 400NIS

Two dates to choose from in December-either

 Monday, December 19 at 7pm 


Friday, December 23 at noon

or pick any day that works for you and we'll try our best to accommodate you even at the last moment.

Quick Reiki one class also available.  One class only.

No certification 300NIS


Available anytime 

Call to schedule

052 812 4804 or 077 300 8120




                   Reiki Two


Learn techniques for deeper healing.  Learn a power symbol, a mental healing symbol and a method for precise effective absentee healing.  Fun class that makes you feel like a wizard.


Includes 2 classes and certificate 500NIS


Monday, November 28 at 8pm


Call to schedule a class anytime

077 3008120 0r 052 812 4804

Reiki Meditation Circles

Our next Reiki Meditation Circle is Monday, October 31 at 20:00

Opportunity for our students to practise their Reiki skills and for newcomers to experience Reiki for the first time.

    Reiki Three - Reiki Master


Learn everything we know about Reiki and how to pass it on.  Small class that meets over several months  This allows you the time to learn and practise every aspect of Master training.  The class has maximum flexiblility depending on your individual goals and needs.  We happily train students who have not studied with us previously. Prerequisite Reiki One and Two.

Includes 5 classes and certificate 1600nis


Friday, December 2 at Noon


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